Promoting Positive Community and Economic Growth in our Neighborhood

Shane Burgman moved to the Space Coast from Virginia Beach in 2011. He was stationed at Naval Ordnance Test Unit (NOTU) in Cape Canaveral from 2011-2015, and then voluntarily separated under Honorable conditions to pursue his passion for helping people and making a difference in the community. During his tenure in the Navy, Shane learned about leadership, ethics and the importance of relating others. He attributes his relentless work ethic and positive attitude to his time on-board the USS Tennessee, a United States Nuclear Submarine.


After struggling to find a community organization that felt authentic and fun, Shane and a group of his friends formed 321Millennials, a group of young professionals who care about the future of their community and economy. Their sole focus and priority is staying involved in the community they love to call home, Brevard County.


Shane’s passion for Brevard’s arts and culture is a direct result of instantly falling in love with the people and slower pace here. Being in the military, Shane moved around a lot. He resided in 6 other states before finally transplanting in Florida. Brevard is the first place he is proud to call home and looks forward to establishing a family and making an impact here. 


Shane and his fiancee, Rebecca Shireman, own a house in Palm Shores. They are the proud parents of 2 pit-bull rescues, Conan and Bella. When they are not too busy with their work jive, they enjoy discovering some of the Space Coast’s hidden restaurants, venues and things to do. #spacecoastgems


Shane Burgman is a 9 year Navy submarine veteran that now practices real estate with Carpenter|Kessel Home Selling Team with Dale Sorensen Real Estate, the #1 rated Brokerage in Brevard. He is also the owner of Coastal Signs, a real estate marketing business and director of 321Millennials, a non-profit organization focusing on giving back to the community and building meaningful relationships.

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